News repertoires in issues of high social significance


Informative line

Researcher in charge: Sebastián Valenzuela

Co-researchers: Ingrid Bachmann

Objective: To know how users in Chile are exposed to news content on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter) compared to other media (traditional, digital), and from this to establish how they configure their information repertoires, taking into account structural and motivational factors and the relationship with trust and media abundance. At the same time, we seek to evaluate the incidence of these repertoires on knowledge (retention, comprehension and self-confidence) about public affairs, on trust, and on disinformation.”

Current stage:

– Wave 1 of original survey in the field.

– Analysis of secondary data DNR survey.

Related projects:

– ANID-Fondecyt Regular-1231378.

– ANID-Fondecyt Regular-1231582