Application for thesis students for the Millennium Nucleus on Digital Inequalities and Opportunities


The Millennium Nucleus on Digital Inequalities and Opportunities (NUDOS) is looking for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral thesis students interested in joining the team.

The competition is especially aimed at students from Social Science programs (sociology, anthropology, psychology, communications, economics, political science, anthropology, etc.), but is open to thesis students whose topics are related to the objectives of NUDOS, regardless of discipline.


– Be enrolled or accepted in an accredited program.

– Be a thesis student during the year 2024 at a Chilean university.

– Have a thesis topic framed within the objectives of NUDOS (more information at

– Qualifications that indicate outstanding performance in the program.

– Demonstrated interest and experience in social research (qualitative or quantitative).

– Ideally, the program should accept co-tutoring or mentoring from external faculty.


– Participation in regular supervision meetings.

– Participation in NUDOS activities (planning meetings, dissemination activities, participation in congresses, etc.).

– Development of products to be agreed with one of the NUDOS researchers.


– Gross annual incentive of $1.500.000 CLP (undergraduate and master’s thesis students) or $2.500.000 CLP (doctorate), paid in two installments against delivery of products to be agreed with NUDOS researchers.

– Linkage with NUDOS academics.

– Possibilities of academic development, including co-authorship of scientific articles (other than the thesis).

Application deadline: November 1st.

Link to the application form: